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Happy Tails!

Check out our former fosters who are now living the good life in their forever homes.

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Cork, one of three of the Vino Kittens, was found hungry and flee-ridden at a Walmart parking lot in Fresno. One of our incredible volunteers traveled to Fresno to pick up Cork and his siblings and bring them back to San Jose. Cork spent 8 wonderful weeks with Purr Diem before going to his forever home where he has a 10 year old human sibling who loves him very much! Cork's parents say he is a little kitten with a big personality. While he loves the laser pointer and snuggling in the crease of his mama's arm he is by far most fond of food!

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Moet, the sole female of the Vino Kittens, was found flee-ridden with a bad upper respiratory infection at a Walmart parking lot in Fresno. We didn't know if Moet was going to make it through the long drive home to San Jose. Antibiotics to cure the infection, a humidifier to clear the nasal passages and a warm bed gave Moet the fighting chance to find her forever home. She now lives with her brother Oakie with a wonderful family who recently lost their beloved feline companion. According to Moet's family she is growing strong and loving every minute of her new life!


Oakie was the runt of the Vino Kittens litter. He was shy and scared of the world around him. Through persistent socialization, Oakie blossomed into a confident and loving kitten. He's continuously learning how to be confident with the help of his sister Moet, who he currently lives with in his forever home. Oakie's family says he loves cuddles and basking in the sun. 



When Nellie first arrived at her foster home she was as feisty as can be. She was protective of her siblings and distrusting of humans. After consistent socialization and lots of love she quickly became the ultimate cuddle bug. Nellie now lives in Northern Florida with a family who loves to spoil her. 


Mochi was as sweet as the yummy dessert she was named after. In the beginning, Mochi was very scared of loud noises and human movement. To help Mochi get used to unfamiliar sounds we played the show Glee in her playpen. You should hear her meows, she'd be a Capella champion! Mochi spends her days chirping away with her new sibling who is about the same age as her. We can't wait to see you on broadway, Mochi!



Nugget is the light of life! His exuberant personality made him an absolute joy to foster. In his new home his energy did not go unmatched as he has two young human siblings who love to play almost as much as he does. We miss you Nugget!


Skittles was evacuated from Vacaville during the LNU Lightning Complex fires. We are so grateful this little one made it as she was an absolute ray of light! She was adopted by a wonderful young couple who was looking for a companion for their senior black cat. 



Harley was evacuated from Vacaville during the LNU Lightning Complex fires. Escaping the fire was just the start of her journey. Harley suffered from a severe upper respiratory infection. Thanks to our dedicated foster parents and Harley's amazing inner strength she was able to kick the URI's butt and grow healthy and strong. Harley's journey to a forever home took awhile but she finally found a family who was just right for her. 


Little baby Theo, oh how we miss you so! Theo was a mere 3 days old when we found him. His foster mom woke up every 2 hours to feed him and ensure he was nice and warm. Theo loved to snuggle with a tennis playing teddy bear. We're sure Theo is causing a racket at his forever home!

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